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  • Question about last login

    In Hyena, if an account has been created but never logged into after 60 days or if ever does the Exporter Pro always show the lastlogon as “never” and pwdlastset as the “date of creation”? Does the check mark in the User must change password at next logon goes away?

    Why does inactive accounts for example "shows lastlogon as never and pwdlastset as 10/25/2005 15:00"?

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    Re: Question about last login

    This is probably because the password was set when the account is created. You can verify the pwdlastset or any AD attribute by right clicking on an account in Hyena and selecting Listing Views->User (All), or by using the Manage Directory ATtributes function.

    I also think the checkbox for "Password must be changed at next logon" will make pwdlastset an invalid value, however. Microsoft uses the same field for multiple things, a poor AD design feature.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.