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How necessary is Netbios?

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  • How necessary is Netbios?


    Now that we are moving quickly towards a pure Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP environment, I am considering disabling Netbios throughout the WAN. How much does Hyena depend on Netbios? I know that when I turned it off on my workstation, servers stop being identified as such in the tree. I also saw an old post which stated that Exporter depends on the Computer Browser service. Are there workarounds for these issues?

    Thanks very much,
    - Steve Kadish

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    Re: How necessary is Netbios?

    I believe mainly the only thing you would lose would be the Servers folder. This is built by a call to your Windows Browse List, and without Netbios it might not populate. But, you can still manage your servers through OUs, or through the Computers folder, or through a static Object Grouping.

    Exporter Pro can accept computer objects from Hyena using the Export Selected Objects option, so it shouldn't be affected either.