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    I would like to use Hyena to manage ADAM as well as AD.
    Has anyone had any luck using Hyena against an ADAM instance?

    If so, how did you define the ADAM instance under Object Manager Configuration (Managed Views)?
    Thanks in advance - cheers.

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    Re: ADAM Support

    I don't think you can do this, as an ADAM installation does not represent a real domain. A lot of Hyena's operations require a domain controller, and ADAM does not appear to return a value of a domain controller for the DsGetDcName or NetGetDcName API functions.

    I also could not get my ADAM installation to work with any of Microsoft's GUI tools, but let me know if you have different experiences. ADAM appears to be something that is more suited for scripting and command line utilities, or for a generic LDAP tool.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: ADAM Support

      Just after posting this, I sort of got it working, but only partially.

      If you enter in a path for the domain like:

      LDAP://ADAM.COM or


      AND enter the name of the local computer for the ADSI server, then you might be able to see the objects in your ADAM domain. However, a new installation of ADAM does not create anything in the directory at all, and that creates a problem, as Microsoft domain browsing functions, and possibly the object creation wizards, don't seem to work. So, if you import or create some objects in your ADAM domain, then you might be able to see them in Hyena, provided that you tell Hyena manually what the DC is in the ADSI Server field, as I don't think the DC lookup functions work on ADAM at all.

      And, this assumes a default LDAP port. I did not test with a custom LDAP port.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.