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  • kstanush
    Re: Servers or Computers?

    The Servers list in Hyena is generated by the Windows browse list which has numerous problems. Your best option is to either manage your servers through the Computers OU, or create another OU for your servers, call it whatever you want, and then move the AD computer 'server' objects into that OU.

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  • Couverman
    started a topic Servers or Computers?

    Servers or Computers?

    When I expand Domain Controllers is Hyena, it lists fine.

    However, when I try to view my other servers, I receive the error "Unable to List computers, the network path was not found."

    Now in my AD tree, the domain controllers are listed in the DC OU, however, the rest of my servers are in the normal computer OU. So in Hyena, I can browse the servers in the Computers OU in Hyena, not in the servers OU though. I did not set this AD up so I dont know if this is causing it. Please help.!!