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  • Hyena Discovery

    I am currently using Hyena 5.2-'C'

    Can someone point me to the process Hyena uses to discover servers/computers.
    -We have an NT4 domain with NT4, 2000, and 2003 servers.
    -many show up in both computer and server categories
    --I know you can change the view to omit offline, hidden, etc.), but I want to go a step further

    We also have about 1 dozen server which have been decommissioned a while back still showing up. Although this doesn't confuse me, it confuses the other technicians I work with.

    Which leads me to my request. I need to know where I'd remove these entries (i.e. DNS/WINS/LMHOST/HOST).

    Help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance


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    Re: Hyena Discovery

    Hyena gets the list of computers directly from you domain (computer accounts), and the Servers list is built from your Windows Browse List.

    Missing servers in the Servers folder would indicate a browsing issue, but you should still be able to find them under All Computers.

    If you are seeing computers in All Computers that no longer exist you need to delete the computer account for those computers.