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problems with Symantec

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  • problems with Symantec

    Hi , i have intalled Hyen 6.0 , and all is working well.My antivirus is Symantec Corporate Edition
    when i tried to install Symantec CE , hyena do not work fine , i c'ant
    open :Servers , properties for users ...and other !!!
    If you have solution please sent to me !

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    Re: problems with Symantec

    Give us more details on what problems you are having, such as what errors, what functions are you using, steps you are taking to get these errors, etc.


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      Re: problems with Symantec

      I run Corp Ed 8.1.1 build 329. Havn't gone to 9 yet. I'm running XP sp2 with no issues concerning Hyena. But I know for a fact that Symantecs product doesn't uninstall correctly. Here is a batch file I got from there tech support. Save the folder to your desktop and run the batch file inside. You can make some changes to it. This RIP's out all traces of Symantec Anti-Virus on your machine and then reboots it. I would bet that the install over 8.1 is causing issues with your system. Give it a try, then see if Hyena works. Then simply reinstall the SAV client.

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