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Unable to view scheduled jobs

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  • Unable to view scheduled jobs


    We have a user (Windows XP SP2) who is a member of the domian admins group. When he tries to view scheduled jobs on a server (NT4 SP6a) he get an error message from Hyena that reads

    Unable to list scheduled jobs on \\<server name>. The authentication service is unknown.

    I am running the same config and I am fine. The user can view scheduled jobs on all other servers as long as they are not NT4.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Re: Unable to view scheduled jobs

    By "running the same config", do you mean you are also running on XP SP2? We had another report of this recently, and apparently something is different with XP when trying to view NT jobs. Unfortunately there is nothing that Hyena can do differently because this is a Microsoft function that Hyena simply executes.


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      Re: Unable to view scheduled jobs


      We are both running XP SP2. I was just wondering what "authentication service" the Hyena message is referring to.

      Thanks, Neil.

      PS. Hyena -


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        Re: Unable to view scheduled jobs

        Hyena issues a Microsoft function call to get remote jobs, in this case, its NetScheduleJobEnum. Microsoft implements the code that this function performs, and what happens there is a great mystery. I can usually tell from the type of problem whether or not Microsoft could even try to tell me the cause of a problem, and in this case they would tell me that they don't know. Hyena is not responsible for any of the underlying communication protocols, so we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes.

        So, my original assumption is that there is a network protocol that is different between the two computers that this function works/does-no-work on. It could be something like missing Netbios, since NT 4.0 communicates on older protocols.

        I did, however, find a Microsoft KB article 843250 that might explain the cause, or at least provide a clue. The API function referenced is not the same, but its from the same family, it related to creating jobs on NT from a remote XP client. So this could be the difference between the two computers if one of them has this security pack loaded. I did see that Microsoft does not appear to mention any 'fix', so I think if I read it right that if this is the problem, then you can't manage remote jobs on NT 4.0 with this security pack loaded.

        If you find anything more on your end, please post it here.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.