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Feature request - adding columns on-the-fly

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  • Feature request - adding columns on-the-fly

    I like to toggle whether I have the Description field enabled when viewing events. I have it off to save time downloading events from remote (WAN) systems, and on when I want to filter based on the description. So I have a two-fold request:

    1. The ability to add/remove columns by right-clicking the column headers and selecting the appropriate columns (using something like checkboxes, etc.).

    2. Negate the need to restart Hyena when adding/remove columns (like it does now), i.e., do it on-the-fly.


    Scott Bueffel

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    Re: Feature request - adding columns on-the-fly


    Thanks for the request, but for the event description field, this is almost impossible to do. When the event description is not part of the retrieval initially, it does not get retrieved at all, so adding the column won't show it anyway. I'll look into, however, why the display can't be refreshed once its added to the display.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.