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    I read on the website that hyena has 85 features, could anyone give me a feature list?

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    Re: 85 features

    Here is a revised list, taken mostly from the back of our User Guide:


    Send message to all domain users
    Synchronizing all domain controllers
    Viewing trust relationships
    Viewing domain properties (Windows 2000)
    View domain FSMO roles

    Servers and Computers

    Viewing domain computer accounts
    Modify computer properties
    Add new computer to domain
    Remove computer from domain
    View and modify account and audit policies
    View and modify user rights
    View, add, and manage scheduled tasks
    Shutdown and (optionally) reboot computers
    Send messages
    View interactive (local) user logons
    Modify single account password on multiple computers
    Added user/global group to specified local group on multiple computers
    Remote wakeup


    View all shares on any computer (including hidden)

    View share connections
    Stop (remove) shares
    Modify share properties and permissions

    View all shares access permissions for entire computer

    Create new share
    Connect network drive (local workstation)


    Viewing all computer or domain users

    Modifying single and multiple user properties

    Add/modify/delete Exchange mailbox properties (Enterprise Edition only)

    Add/modify user terminal server information (Enterprise Edition only)

    Reset password
    Explore option for user home directory

    Access user home directory share properties, and create user home share

    Add new user, including copy from existing user (clone)

    View user logon, including last logon, statistics

    Rename user
    Send message to user
    Delete single or multiple users


    Viewing all groups (global and local)
    Adding new groups

    Viewing group members, including group member user detail information

    Modifying properties and membership
    Rename group

    Copy group or group members to new group or existing group

    Delete groups

    Files and Directories

    Viewing of all files and directory contents on any share

    Properties, including security, auditing, and ownership

    View all file security information for selected files/directories

    Copy, moving, deleting files
    Rename files
    Print and open
    Create new files
    "Open With…" dialog support


    Control printer queue (pause, purge all jobs, resume printing, etc.)

    Cancel and view print jobs
    View all printers on any computer

    View printer setup dialog, properties, document defaults, and spooler settings

    Connect to printers (local workstation)

    Remove printer connections (local workstation)

    Services and Drivers

    View all services and drivers on any server or workstation

    Change service state - stop, start, pause
    View service dependencies

    Change service state on multiple computers at the same time

    Delete service (not supported by all services)

    Change service startup information on one or more computers

    Install (create) service on more or more computers at the same time

    Open Files

    View all open files on any server or workstation

    Disconnect (close) open files

    View files open by specific user, or view users having a specific file open


    View all user sessions on any workstation or server, including multiple computers

    Disconnect sessions
    Send messages to users


    View events from one or more workstations/servers using built-in viewer, including filtering and searching for specific event(s)

    View events (through Event Viewer) on any workstation or server

    Disk Space

    View disk space information for all drives on one or more remote computers

    Automatic disk space refresh interval

    Direct access to Explorer functions for all disk drives

    Performance Monitoring

    View processes and other performance items on any remote computer running Windows NT/2000/XP

    Scheduled Jobs / Tasks

    AT and Task Scheduler compatibility
    Add, modify, or delete any job/task
    Add new AT tasks to multiple computers

    Copy (clone) task from one computer to multiple computers

    Start or terminate remote task (Task Scheduler only)

    View scheduled jobs/task on multiple computers


    View registry hive and key contents
    Create new registry key and values
    Modify registry values
    Delete registry key and values
    Search registry keys and hives


    Create WMI Queries
    Execute WMI Queries
    Modify WMI instance properties
    Execute WMI methods on selected instances

    Exporting / Copying Information

    Export users, groups, group members, computers, services, disk space, and printer definitions to tab-delimited text files for all server or workstations in any domain.

    Copy information displayed in list window to clipboard or text file


    Print or report the contents of any portion of the list window

    Configure user-defined tools and command line options

    Generate text output file using macro facility from anything displayed in list window.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.