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adding a user ERROR

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  • adding a user ERROR

    When I add a user using Hyena 5.7c I get a program error that states:
    HYENA.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.

    An error log is being created.

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    Re: adding a user ERROR

    That's not much to go on, so let me have you send the following to [email protected]:

    OS Hyena is installed on
    Windows domain version
    How is the domain configured in Object Manager
    What steps you are taking to add a user
    What point in the process it fails
    Any other variables that you can mention


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      Re: adding a user ERROR

      OS = W2K Professional
      Domain = W2K (AD)
      Config in Object Manager:
      Type: Windows 2000/2003 Domain Controller
      Name: Name of our Domain Controller
      Computer Path: \\domain.msft

      Steps to add a user:
      expanding Forest Root
      Expanding OUs
      Right click on OU, new user
      Click OK in Create New User
      Type username
      Type password
      Click Add

      I am able to administer my NT Domain but not my W2K-AD Domain


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        Re: adding a user ERROR

        As a test go to Object Manager and create an Windows 2000/2003 Domain object for your domain rather than using the Domain Controller object you are now using.

        Create a user and let us know what happens.


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          Re: adding a user ERROR

          You are fast (much appreciated)...
          I did what you suggested.
          I added an object
          I added a user and when I click on OK for Create New User dialog box I get an error "Unable to access user policies on DOMAIN. The network path was not found."


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            Re: adding a user ERROR

            Go to Object Manager and click on the object you just created and send a screenshot of that to [email protected].