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    We use MS clustering services. In some instances we have 4 servers clustered together. The end result is that these appear as 4 "real" servers, plus 4 "virtual" servers as well as a single "cluster server".

    Is there a way of configuring Hyena only to show the 4 real servers rather than the 9 servers we get at the moment ?

    Is there some filtering options that could be used ?

    The reason we would like to do this is that we use Exporter to dump contents of local groups, shares, etc and end up with multiple copies as it includes virtual servers.

    Andrew Whitton
    Skipton Building Society

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    Re: Virtual Servers

    If you are using the Exporter Pro for this you should be able to experiment with the filtering options under the Set Filter button on the General tab.

    You can also specifically select the computers you want to export information from in Hyena, then run Exporter Pro's Export Selected Objects option.