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  • FQDN Issues

    We are currently experiencing problems connecting to machines in our domain due to infrastructure changes made by our Technical department.

    At the moment we have a pretty standard DNS zone structure, and the FQDN of our machines are as follows:

    However, since the aforementioned change some of these machines have been moved into a 'sub area' of the Domain1 DNS zone. Now these machines have a FQDN of:

    These machines still belong to the Domain1 domain, so Hyena is seeing them in the 'Computers' list. But when we try to connect to them we are receiving errors stating that it can't see the machines. I'm certain that this is to do with the DNS setup, specifically the suffix of the machines.

    I suppose my real question is, how can(?) we configure Hyena to search different DNS suffixes for computers which belong to the same domain?

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    Re: FQDN Issues

    What is the exact error message you get when you try to access these computers? And what functions are you trying to access on them?


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      Re: FQDN Issues

      The computer appears in the 'Computers' node under the domain, and when I extend the machine and try to look at the list of users I'm getting the error message: "Unable to retrieve user list from ''. The RPC server is unavailable"

      I would've thought Hyena would be able to use the DNS Suffix search lists applied to the machine. Is that not the case??


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        Re: FQDN Issues

        Hyena does not worry with how to get to the remote computer, but rather Windows does this. Hyena issues the request and Windows takes care of the rest, including resolving the name, etc.

        This error makes it sound like something has not fully been resolved with the DNS changes that were made.


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          Re: FQDN Issues

          Here's a possible workaround:

          Go to Tools->Settings->Active Directory and uncheck the box to Use DNS computer paths. This will force Hyena to use the Netbios name instead.