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Removed server still visible - Added server not available

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  • Removed server still visible - Added server not available

    Last week, we made some changes to out server infrastructure, namely adding
    SERVER1 to DOMAINW2K, and removing SERVER2 from DOMAINW2K.

    We followed the following steps (in this order):
    1. Installation and Configuration of SERVER2 in a Workgroup
    2. Creation of the computer account in AD
    3. Join SERVER2 to the DOMAINW2K Domain
    4. Remove SERVER1 from DOMAINW2K, by putting it in a Workgroup
    5. Disable the computer account in AD
    6. Power off SERVER1

    In Hyena, SERVER1 is still available, although not accessible.
    SERVER2 is not available or visible in Hyena.

    SERVER1 and SERVER2 are 2 different machines
    SERVER2 had an IP address that was never used before

    I just completely uninstalled Hyena on my desktop, rebooted to be sure, and I reinstalled Hyena 5.7C
    Result: the problem stays !

    On another machine, Hyena works fine: it shows SERVER2, and SERVER1 doesn't appear.

    Seems that there is some kind of cache (in the registry ??) that remains even when you uninstall the software.

    Any help would be much appreciated...


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    Re: Removed server still visible - Added server not available

    Hyena doesn't store information like this, but rather always gets it real-time. If you are looking in the Servers folder, this is coming from your Windows Browse List. This sounds like either you haven't given enough time for the Browse List to update, or you have a browsing issue on your network.

    If you double-click on the Computers object, do you see SERVER2 listed there?


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      Re: Removed server still visible - Added server not available


      We don't use the browser service, but the AD for this functionality.
      However, we still do use WINS. There might be a problem with the NetBIOS name resolution...
      But how can we explain that the removed server still shows up in Hyena's list in case of a Windows Browse List problem?

      To answer your question: this double click still doesn't make SERVER2 appear.

      Anyway, as it can't be a Hyena problem, as you said, we know where to look now
      Many thanks for your help,