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  • Copying files

    Is there anyway to copy 4-5 files to multiple computers in a domain to a specific directory from one system?

    I am trying to update about 10 report files and need to copy them to about 50 machines to a specific directory...any way to do this or have any suggestions?

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    Re: Copying files

    Hyena's Generate Macro function can help with this. You'll select the computers you want to copy the file to in the right window, then go to Tools->Generate macro.

    In the Macro Command String box you'll type something like:

    xcopy c:\files\*.* \\%E%\c$\path_to_dir

    Modify the paths accordingly, then enter an Output File Name of something like c:\copyfiles.bat and click OK.

    This will create the copyfiles.bat file with one line per selected computer, and change the %E% with the computer name. Then just run copyfiles.bat.


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      Re: Copying files

      seems like it would work. Will try it and let you know. Thanks