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Feature request - Customizable audit section

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  • Feature request - Customizable audit section

    I would like to know if there is already the technology to customize the reporting for certain types of things. For instance...

    File version checking
    Existence of groups and users
    Existence of registry keys
    Audit Policy reporting
    File system auditing reporting
    Terminal server configuration


    Things like this so companies can customize and audit report based on their company guidelines and use one interface to get or generate a report with one task.


    David Presley

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    Re: Feature request - Customizable audit section

    Some of these things are in the new Exporter Pro utility (File->Export in Hyena) that comes with Hyena v5.5. We have a newer beta version out of this utility too (if you want to join the beta group send a blank email to [email protected]). The current beta adds exporting of user logon (ie last logon) information.

    Exporter Pro can export listing of groups (and optionally their members). It can't however tell you if a group is missing, but rather what is present. You could, however, import the exported data into Access and do your own reporting to show what is missing.

    Exporter Pro can also export the settings for registry keys and values, but again, only what is present, not what is not there.

    We will be adding exporting of file information and password policy information in a future release.

    If you take a look at Exporter Pro, and have any questions, let us know.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.