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    I opened Hyena yesterday and the icons in the left pane were all messed up. They all look like the services icons (the little gears) and are all dark around the edges. Now I can't tell which PC's are online or offline. Any idea what may have caused this or how I can repair the icons?

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    Re: Strange Views

    This is not a bug in Hyena but rather a bug in the NVIDIA display driver that you probably installed recently, probably from Windows Update. Microsoft is aware of this problem but has not published any public information yet and so far does not appear to be removing this driver from the Update web site.

    The best solution is to rollback to an earlier version of the driver either with the rollback option (Control Panel->Driver) or an installation checkpoint.

    Below are two internal resolutions from Microsoft's support database

    If you don't have an updated NVIDIA driver, please let us know immediately.

    Thank you.

    The problem lies within the Windows Update for the NVIDIA GeForce 2 video card.

    To Resolve:
    Right click my computer
    Click manage
    Go to Device Manger
    Click the plus next to Display Adaptors
    Right click the NVIDIA Graphics card and click properties
    Click the Driver Tab
    Click Rollback Driver
    Once this is complete restart the computer
    When the computer reboots the display should be back to normal and Windows Media
    Player should function properly


    *** Problem Description ***
    User was unable to launch NetMeeting on his Windows XP machine after updating all
    his software and hardware (hadn't tested NetMeeting before updating, either).

    Problem: NetMeeting doesn't work and desktop icons disappear.


    *** Resolution *** Jan 17 2003 10:46AM

    Customer had identified the problem to be a video driver update that Windows Update
    had downloaded.

    Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 (64 Pro) Video Windows 2000/XP Display drivers, version
    (Card Bios indicates 2.05.1701).

    Signed by Windows with signature id of on 9/27/2002.

    Came via the active Windows Update server (when you install the nView extensions -
    that breaks NetMeeting and the desktop).

    If you turn off nView extensions, NetMeeting works.
    You can also remove the nView from the adapter settings in Desktop control to
    repair this issue, too.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Strange Views

      That was definitely the cause, thanks for the quick reply! I must have installed that driver inadvertantly from Windows update. I typically don't update those NVIDIA drivers because of issues we have had in the past.