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    Is there a way to create a custom view for our reference librarians so that when they open Hyena, it automatically goes to the right workgroup/server? They only need to look at networked printer information on public computers in the library and feel it is too cumbersome to have to find the workgroup and then the server which the printers are attached to in order to view the printer problems they need to be aware of? I would love to be able for them to double-click the hyena icon and it take them right to where they need to go.

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    Re: Custom Views

    You might be able to accomplish with the following:

    Go to File->Manage Object View->General and add a Server object for the server that holds these printers.

    Once that is created go to File->Manage Object View->Nodes and disable the various objects in there to hide them from view.

    Hyena will still add in the domain object when you start, but this should allow you to restrict items down fairly well.