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  • Suggestion

    Great tool and without a doubt the best support staff!

    Was wondering if consideration was given to the simple fact of being able to copy certain information once the properties of an object was selected. Example of this would be the ability to copy certain information when viewing a computers properties specificly from the directory tab/directory paths and names info. I find myself wanting to copy certain information from this tab.

    Thanks In Advance!

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    Re: Suggestion

    The control type for that particular information doesn't support selecting and copying.

    One thing you can do is if you right-click on a computer you can choose Listing Views->Computer Attributes (All).

    This puts all AD attributes for that computer in the right window and you can copy from there.

    One additional option would be to add the fields you want to a query, then you can view the query for multiple computers at once.

    Our next version of Hyena has greatly enhanced and expanded exporting functionality that will help here as well.


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      Re: Suggestion

      Is there a time frame for the next release?

      Great program by the way,
      Excellent work.


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        Re: Suggestion

        The November/December time frame is what we are shooting for at this point.