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Copy shares from NT4 to Win2K

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  • Copy shares from NT4 to Win2K

    Hi all,

    I have a curious security issue when trying to use Hyena 5.00b to view & copy shares from an NT4 SP6a server in an NT4 domain to a Win2K server in a native AD domain. Full bidirectional trust exists.

    My current user (on Win2Kpro SP3 in native AD domain) has domain admin privs on both servers, and full control on the shares I wish to copy. I can browse the shares via Hyena without error.

    Yet when I try to View Shares/Properties/Access Rights on the NT4 source shares I get access denied.

    Am I missing something (other than my brain) ? I suspect I've been looking at this too long, but any help/hints will be appreciated.

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    Re: Copy shares from NT4 to Win2K

    What functions exactly are not working? What is the exact error message you are getting?

    Are you able to browse admin vs. non-admin share contents?

    Also, go to the command line and issue a dir \\server\c$ command on one of these that gets an error and let us know what happens.

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