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  • cmccullough
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    Re: IE Hotfixes

    We have some planned reporting improvements that should allow for this sort of function.

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    Guest started a topic IE Hotfixes

    IE Hotfixes

    Under the Properties of each computer, you list the HotFixes installed for the Operating System.

    Since Mothership Microsoft deems IE such a necessary part of the OS, and since IE's flaws, if left unpatched, open holes in the OS, wouldn't be prudent to put the HotFixes applied to IE in this same list?

    I realize where the OS HotFixes are gathered from, and that the IE HotFixes are not located in this same location. However, in this registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components

    there are sub-keys for each and every "component" installed.

    Within most of these subkeys, there is a key name "ComponentID"

    If the value of that key starts with a "Q", it's a HotFix for IE.

    No other pertinent information (IMHO) is listed in the other keys, except maybe version number.

    Any way we can get this information sucked into the HotFix tab?