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Why do only two of many servers show

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  • Why do only two of many servers show

    I downloaded version 4.5 upgrade and now only two of our many servers show under servers of our domain. How do I get the rest of the servers to show up? Domain controllers seem to be fine under domain controllers. The servers showed properly before the upgrade.

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    Re: Why do only two of many servers show

    Would you mind downloading the prior release and verifying this ? I ask because the server listing object has not changed, even if the domain type changed from Windows NT to Windows 2000. The server listing information comes from the browse list, as that is the only way Hyena can (quickly) determine what the 'servers' are.

    If you still have problems, send a screen shot on where the servers are missing from to [email protected].

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.