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    I added an object of "Windows 2000 Domain" type. Added the ADSI path and it connects without problem. When I go to the main Hyena console, Right click on the newly created domain, and click "Account Policy," it open the account policy as if the system were running NT4.0, where it this information being pulled from?

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    Re: Group Policy

    I'm not sure what you mean by "where" the information is being acquired from. The Account Policy information should be the same as what you see when you look at the Domain Policy in MMC (Domain Security Policy snapin). Hyena uses an API call to get the information...where the information actually comes from is not something that Microsoft documents, although I suspect that there are attributes in the directory somewhere that go with all of the settings.
    Kevin Stanush
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      Re: Group Policy

      I have looked in both the Domain Policy and the Domain Controller Policy and the "Account Lockout Policy" on both of these GPOs is the same. When I use the steps that I have previously mentioned, the Account Lockout Policy is different. I was trying to figure out why. Please help.


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        Re: Group Policy

        Please send a few screenshots showing what Hyena displays and what MMC displays for this to [email protected] so we can get a clearer picture of what you are experiencing.


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          Re: Group Policy

          I have this same issue - was it resolved? The question is, essentially, which group policy the Hyena Audit Policy or Account Policy dialog is editing - there is only one location in Hyena to edit one policy, but there is the potential of many policies within the Microsoft Group Policy Editor.