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Feature Request - Uptime stats

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  • Feature Request - Uptime stats

    I'd like to see something similar to the output from Microsoft's UPTIME /s command,
    for example:

    Since 6/10/2001:

    System Availability: 99.8235%
    Total Uptime: 482d 18h:40m:34s
    Total Downtime: 0d 20h:29m:0s
    Total Reboots: 49
    Mean Time Between Reboots: 9.87 days
    Total Bluescreens: 0

    perhaps as an additional tab on the server's Properties box, along with a way to export this information for all servers into a single report.

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    Re: Feature Request - Uptime stats

    Is this a Resource Kit utility ? I am unclear where or how Microsoft gets this information. Hyena can show the uptime on the computer's Property dialog and we also will introduce a new Performance Monitor-like facility in the next version (its in beta now). The System performance object includes the uptime counter, which Hyena can now display.

    I believe that the rest of this information is probably calculated from the system event log, and this is a sort of specialized and slightly cumbersome method of calculating it. But, I'm the curious type so let me know what this utility is part of.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Feature Request - Uptime stats

      Not exactly a resource kit tool. Here's a link to the KB article:;Q232243&

      I just now read through this article (after having used the tool for a while now). You're correct, it does calculate the stats based on the System log (which means its useless if the log gets cleared).