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Feature request - drag n drop object mgr

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  • Feature request - drag n drop object mgr

    Adding & arranging items to object manager is a bit of a chore: create group object, create server object, move server under group, move server right so it shows up in group in the main window. It would be nice to be able to drag servers from the main window (or some other list) into a group, rather than having to do it all manually.

    Also, it would be nice to see the comments (server description) and OS for each server in a group, just like you see when you look at Servers under the Domain object in the main window.


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    Re: Feature request - drag n drop object mgr

    An easier way of doing this is to select the computers you want in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose Add to Object Manager.

    This will open Object Manager and add those computers, and allow you to add them to your group.

    The problem with getting the computer information is that these are meant to be static groups of objects that you open and then manage. There is no delay or other issues with trying to obtain the other data.