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  • kstanush
    Re: Feature Requests

    Good questions.

    Wake-On-Lan: Maybe. We have the code to do it, but it usually requires the card address, which Hyena would have to get. We are looking around for better test/sample code before proceeding on this, as this feature does not get asked as often.

    tcp/ip Features: Yes, at least for ping. Hyena can call custom tools which can be used to perform these features. We want to add a ping option to check offline/online status of computers to make some operations go faster.

    Add/Remove Programs List: Yes, in the next release. This is a registry feature.

    Registry Editor: Yes, in the next release. We have a lot of registry functions planned for the rest of the year.

    We are also working on performance monitoring improvements and a few other things. To find out the latest before anyone else, join the beta list by sending an empty email to [email protected]

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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  • pchoward
    started a topic Feature Requests

    Feature Requests

    Any chance that these will get built into Hyena ?

    tcpip utilities
    add-remove programs list
    registry editor
    More ?

    I looked at another product today (begins with a D) that had all these capabilites and more and was impressed but would prefer to stay with hyena. WOL capability would be very desirable.. the others are nice to have buyt non-essential.