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Enhancement - Reports Setup

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  • Enhancement - Reports Setup

    Can we have a browse file button for both of the Access Reporting Options from the Tools/Settings Report Tab.

    Specifically the Path to MSAccess.exe text box and the Path to HyenaRPT.MDB report database.

    The browse button would bring up the standard file select window and be modal until a selection has been made.

    This enhancement would make the reporting package slightly easier to use.

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    Re: Enhancement - Reports Setup

    Good suggestion. In the latest release (v4.3), you can normally leave both values blank. Hyena will assume the database is in the same directory as Hyena.exe, and look in the registry for the location of MSAccess.exe.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Enhancement - Reports Setup

      Thank you,

      My primary point is that, out of habit, I rarely store a data set with a executable. While the default behavior for the reports location, from a developers standpoint is a good compromise, the usability by the user gets a little difficult.

      I admit, that I have been spoiled by always seeing a browse button, whenever a file has to be designated.

      I like what you have done for the xecutable location lookup, what about a filling in of the value found in the registry and a browse button to compensate for any errors.