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    I need to find out across multiple domains if the "FTDISK" device is running or not. Is this possible to script through Hyena?

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    Re: Devices - FtDisk

    Hyena itself can't do this as it requires a lot of scanning (and time). But you can use Exporter, which is installed with Hyena. Click on File->Export in Hyena to access and configure the Exporter tool. There is also a separate help file (Exporter.Hlp) that explains more about the settings. What you want to do it to scan your entire domain (you can only do one domain at a time) and export the services. To keep the file small, you can export just that one service by its name. If you have a limited set of computers that you want to scan, there are ways to configure that as well.

    This is hard to explain in our discussion board, so if you need help, send an email to [email protected]

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.