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    I need to know if Hyena can produce 2 types of reports:

    1. To show which machines are actually switched off.

    2. A report matching up Username to machine name - in which the user is currently logged in to or was last logged on to.

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    Re: Misc.

    I think the answer to 'no' to both.

    Hyena can't determine if a remote computer is turned on or not. If you have a working browse list, you can come close by looking at the icons for the would be 'on' and grey would be 'off'. But this would probably only be about 90% accurate. When you Control-A and Control-C you can now export the icon id in the output, effectively capturing what is on the screen better.

    As for users who last logged on to a computer, that to is a bit hard to obtain. Hyena can show you who is logged on currently to a computer, but only one computer at a time. And, there isn't any way to show who logged on last.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.