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RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

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  • RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

    2 features requested here...

    1. Allow the KB/MB/GB user preference setting to work within all aspects of Hyena's interface.

    2. Include Windows 2000 volume mount drives to the "Drive Space" collection. Volume mounted drives are mounted through directories instead of drive letters.

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    Re: RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

    I'd like to see drive mounts as well. Right now I found that both Hyena and Compaq Insight Manager ignore any mounted drive, so I have no way of obtaining the drive space.


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      Re: RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

      Where else would the KB/MB/GB values be used in Hyena ? Do you mean when displaying file sizes ?
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

        KB/MB/GB designations are shown for files, drives, and potentially directories (hint, hint).


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          Re: RequestFeature('KB/MB/GB', 'Volume Mounts')

          Windows doesn't store a size for directories, but rather appliations (such as Explorer) have to go through and add up everything below that point.

          You can right-click on a directory and see the total as Explorer adds it up, but there's no way to report on this.

          We have had some customers recommend a product called TreeSize Professional for this purpose.