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suggestion for further AD integration

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  • suggestion for further AD integration

    I am really loving what you have been doing with win2k AD integration so far!!
    I have one suggestion however.
    In win2k and AD one is allowed to create user principle names (UPN) for user to log on instead of using the users distinguished name (which can be quite lengthy of they are part of a long domain heirarchy). Right now during user creation you allow a box to add the win2k username which is fine, what I would like to see is a drop down that will allow you to select from the list of UPN`s that are in AD. This would be helpful in the respect that if one has many UPN`s, one would not have to remember them all. In our structure, child domains are the responsibility of local admins. they have the opportunity to create thier own UPN`s if they so wish. without the list, there is no way of knowing what UPN to use.

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    Re: suggestion for further AD integration

    Thanks for the suggestion. Done !.

    We've added the UPN suffix (and country codes too) to the user properties dialogs. This will be available in the next beta release, scheduled for the week of May 6th. To join the beta list, just send an empty email to [email protected]

    Thanks again for the suggestion.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.