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Exporting multiple domains

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  • Exporting multiple domains

    I work within a company which I support over 400 Domains. Basically we would like to be able to export details for all domains simultanously. Can Hyena do this? If not, when will it be possible to be able to produce this type of Export? Is there an alternate solution?

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    Re: Exporting multiple domains

    We have plans to add multiple domain exporting from Hyena in a future update.

    For now you can use the command line exporter.exe included in your Hyena directory.

    You can create a batch file with one line per domain and then just run that batch file.

    The syntax would be:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer

    The computer parameter is optional, but if you are wanting user and group information I would specify the PDC for the domain so exporter only queries that computer.