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  • W2k Group Policy Management

    Is there a way in Hyena4 to view/manage Group Policy? If not, is this being considered for a future revision?

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    Re: W2k Group Policy Management

    No, this functionality is not in v4.0, but we have it planned for v4.1 (v4.1 will be a free upgrade from v4.0). Currently, we are working on Exchange 2000 integration, then we will work on group policy functions. We plan to offer the same gpo features as you get in MMC, but make the policies easier to access and find. Our time frame for this is to have a beta in a couple of months (for gpo features). Exchange 2000 should be ready for testing in a couple of weeks.

    Send [email protected] an email if you want to be on the beta list.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.