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Administrator Permission Levels?

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  • Administrator Permission Levels?

    We have a wide variety of administrators using Hyena for simple to complex tasks. Can we set different permission levels for different individuals to prohibit lower level employees from making certain types of changes in Hyena? thanks Barbara

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    Re: Administrator Permission Levels?

    Hello Barbara,

    At this point there is no way to restrict views or functions in Hyena. NT security will still prevent users from doing things that they don't have permission to do, though.

    When trying to do a function in Hyena that you don't have permissions for, NT will give an Access Denied error message. This keeps non-priviledged users from doing things that you don't want them to.

    Due to the new architecture in Hyena v3.0, we now have more options available to us to consider something along the lines of what you are looking for possibly in a future release.