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Win 2000 native mode

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  • kstanush
    Re: Win 2000 native mode

    Yes, we are working on this in the next release. We hope to have a beta out in about 6 weeks. If you want to be on our beta list, send an email to [email protected].

    Thanks !

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  • Sam
    started a topic Win 2000 native mode

    Win 2000 native mode

    Does Hyena offer any functionality for dealing with Universal groups in Win2000 native mode? Or will a future version?

    Actually, it's not necessarily Hyena that I'm concerned with, but Exporter. I want to be able to export group memberships, and I see options for Domain Global, Domain Local, Server Local, and Workstation Local, but not Universal. We're not in native mode yet, but we're working on going to Exchange 2000, then switching all servers to native mode, and using Universal groups for distribution lists.