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    I sent the following request a while ago to [email protected] and Chuck said he would pass it on. Since it is not implemented in 3.0 I'll repost it here in case it was simply forgotten.

    > I currently installed the new version
    > (2.52) of Hyena and I
    > am very happy with the new functons
    > like job scheduling and
    > so on. There is just a small suggestion
    > I'd like to make:
    > would it be possible to add a copy
    > and paste functionality to
    > transfer scheduled jobs from one
    > machine to another? This
    > would be of great value.


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    Re: Request

    Hyena v3.0 allows you to copy scheduled tasks by right-clicking on the target computer(s) in the right window and choosing More Functions->Copy Remote Job(Task).

    You will type in the name of the source computer and click Show Tasks to see the tasks scheduled on that computer and allow you to select the tasks that you want to copy.


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      Re: Request

      You are right. But you did hide it well :-)
      I don't want to be picky, but it would be easier to use if you could just right-click a job and specify the target machines.

      By the way. It seems this only works with the new task scheduler and not with the old at service.


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        Re: Request

        Thanks for your observations regarding this function. We chose to drive the task copying function from the computers view, because of the wide variety of sources that Hyena users can get a computer list from. Some users use a domain source, others the Enterprise layer, and still others create custom groups of computers. By selecting the computers first that you want to copy TO, we keep this flexibility.

        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.