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  • Object Manager Text File

    In Hyena 3.0, I like the idea of being able to manipulate the Object Manager via the text file ad_objects.dat. I'd like to explore the idea of writing scripts to dynamically create or update Object Groups. However, I'm having problems with the precise structure of ad_objects.dat. I've found that omitting even a single tab wreaks havoc with everything.

    Could you please document the exact structure of ad_objects.dat? Thanks.

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    Re: Object Manager Text File

    Yes, here is the format. All fields are delmited with a TAB:

    1. Object ID (should be unique sequential number)
    2. Object Parent ID (used for group objects)
    3. Object Type Code
    4. Reserved...should generally be "1".
    5. Object Name
    6. Object Comment
    7. Object Path
    8. Object Server (Reserved for Active Directory...currently unused)
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.