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    This should probably be in its own area...

    We've downloaded version 3.0 to try. The object manager is a great concept, albeit a little cumbersome to work with. For example, I add an object grouping called "Servers", under which I'd like all the servers from 10 different domains listed. I can do this a number of ways, but none of them seem easy:

    1. Go to the Object Manager and add each server manually (very painful).

    2. Go to the Enterprise, show all servers (which, BTW, seems to always show all workstations too even though I filter only servers), then select only the servers, right-click, add to Object Manager. Then I have to change each server from type "Workstation" to "Server" (which can't be done in bulk; has to be done individually). Then I have to move the objects down/up, and to the right to make them part of the "Servers" grouping I've created.

    It would be nice to be able to search for all servers, select the ones I want, right-click and have the option to "Add to a grouping", select my "Servers" grouping, and boom, they're in.

    I really liked the Quick Access feature in version 2.5, in which it was this easy to set up groupings. Is there something I'm missing in version 3.0?

    - Lowell

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    Re: Object Management

    You are right...we need to create a new topic for just the Object Manager. Object Manager replaces Quick Access, which was too inflexible for us to utilize it for Windows 2000. But we do need to make some improvements to it to make it just as easy to use as Quick Access.

    If you select the computers from Hyena's right window, you can then add multiple ones to Object Manager at the same time. I think the main limitation that we can fix now is to add a way to change the type for multiple objects, plus add a way to put them into an existing group, without having to move them around once you have added them. I assume that you have found how to group objects in Object Manager, by moving them beheath an Object Grouping object, then click the RIGHT button, to move them "under" the grouping object. And to move them, select as many as you want, and use the up/down buttons or drag and drop.

    Send a message to [email protected] if you want to be on our beta list.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.