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  • Uptime statistics

    When you view the properties on a server, the System Uptime is displayed in this window.

    Where is this information gathered from? Does it use the same source as the MS utility UPTIME.EXE?

    I cannot read the system uptime on a few specific servers using uptime or srvinfo, but the uptime always shows up in Hyena...


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    Re: Uptime statistics

    Since Microsoft rarely publishes the source code for their software utilities, we can't say for sure where the Uptime.exe utility gets the information from.

    Probably, it gets it from the uptime information that is part of the Performance Monitoring system, which you can also get at via PerfMon.

    But this information is limited to about the last 49 days, at which time the uptime information can "wrap" around. Hyena uses a
    networking API function to get this information.

    You can also get this same information locally by issuing the command "Net Statistics Server | more". The uptime is displayed at the top of the output.