I wonder if anyone can solve this one... We are trying to create a routine to centrally store our ERD/repair disk info.

We run RDISK which creates the files in the \repair\ folder on various
member servers. This folder is shared as REPAIR$.

We have created a share (ERD$) on another server.

We have then created a routine that performs the XCOPY command multiple
times to copy files from each server to central location. Exact syntax :
xcopy \\ServerName\repair$\*.* \\NewServer\ERD$\ServerName /H /C /R

I have created an account which is a member of the administrators group on
the various member servers.


I can sign on as this account and the routine runs perfectly, all files
are created exactly as required. However, when I schedule this task the
files dont copy. The SCHEDULER service is started using the specific
account (rather than local system) so it should have rights to copy.

Any ideas ?
Andrew Whitton