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  • "Stop" button

    Hey, about making the Stop button STOP other tasks as well. Such as when you "accidentally" double-click on a machine that is offline, you could click the Stop button instead of waiting for the operation timeout to expire? This would be great.

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    Re: "Stop" button

    This is a good idea. We are planning to try to introduce some sort of optional "pre-ping" logic into Hyena so you could tell that a given computer might not be online before you try to do something to it. Unfortunately, Hyena can't "STOP" anything at this point, as NT/2000 itself has locked up the application until it hears back from the computer. This is a very annoying feature, and why if we can attempt a fast behind-the-scenes PING first, we can tell that the computer is not there, and thereby stop from requesting the information anyway.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.