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  • Terminal support

    I have seen a future in hyena that i think is verry usefull for our company only nobody know where to install it.

    When u are in domain user in hyena and u ask the properties of a user u have 7 default dividers only he had a extra divider called Terminal. How can I install that?

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    Re: Terminal support

    You can get the configuration information on how to get the "Terminal" tab in Hyena's Help file. Assuming that you have the latest version, its under the topic "User Terminal Server Settings" under the "Configuration and Customization" section. Older versions used a different help system, but the layout was similar.

    Please let us know if you are unable to configure it.

    Thanks for supporting Hyena !
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Terminal support

      I have copyd 4 dll files to the local system 32 and teh local hyena directory.

      After i copyd the files, i restarted hyena. But nothing was changed.

      I still have the 7 defauld tabs in the user properties.


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        Re: Terminal support

        Do you have the option checked in Tools->Settings->User to Show user thin client (Terminal Server) information?

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          Re: Terminal support

          Yes that option is turned on


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            Re: Terminal support

            Remove the dlls from your Hyena directory, and search your drive to make sure there are no other copies besides the ones in the SYSTEM32 directory.

            Did you copy all 4 dlls from your Terminal Server? We supply wtsapi32.dll in the Hyena install, but to make sure they are all compatible, copy them from your Terminal Server.