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The new licensing model, PLEASE RECONSIDER!

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  • The new licensing model, PLEASE RECONSIDER!

    Work for a medium to large company, been a loyal Hyena user for longer than I can remember. Every year we renew our 10 user, 1 year license.

    With a large company, you have to know the cost and the 'when' the year before, budget for it, get it approved. The magic date comes - do the approved purchase in the approved time frame. Don't do these things? you lose the money.

    While I can see the benefit of having the old version stay live forever, this really puts a crimp in my ability to buy your product every year. I can't time "whenever we release a new version" to a budget process.

    Can't you have both? Allow for contract customers AND keep the old version enabled forever. I'm trying to send you money here

    System Tools people - PLEASE pass this up to management

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    I understand the situation, but maybe I can clarify a few things.

    Effective last November, we stopped the annual maintenance renewal process that we had for a lot of years for a lot of reasons, most of which I can't really get into (this is also management speaking here). One of the many reasons is that our update cycles and the things that we can put into the software are constrained, and again, this is for a lot of reasons, mostly technical. But we have not changed our licensing model, just offering updates only for existing customers.

    Update pricing, which has not changed, is 50% of the licensing cost. The prices are here:

    But with an upgrade, you get two (2) years instead of just a single year of free updates. And the license code has to only be changed every two years, etc. We appreciate the business every year, and believe me, this had no financial benefit to us, but we had many reasons to do this. Financially, it works out to the same dollar amount, just spent every two years instead of annually, or you can elect to not renew at all and just keep using the version you are on until you see a benefit of upgrading.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.