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Questions regarding using the Home Directory Template

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  • Questions regarding using the Home Directory Template

    Hi, currently we dont use the Home direction portion of Hyena but I am interested in it as I believe it can save us some time setting up new hires but I had some questions regarding the usage of the template.

    So currently the Logon script and Home directory location (and drive to map to) get defined in the Profile tab and that has been great but there are a few steps we have to do after (which I am hoping to automate). We have to go in and actually create the folder, set the following permissions and copy over some basic folders that everyone gets setup with.

    Permissions should be
    Domain admins - full
    system - full
    %username% - Change
    but here is where it gets a little tricky,
    I need the local admin account of the share to have full access as well but depending on the NTID the folder gets stored in a different location (For example A-C are in the same share but D-F are in a different share). I know I could make a different template for each but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I didnt know if there was anyway to have Hyena add the local admin account of whatever machine the share in question is located on.

    and lastly remove any other permissions (for example domain users shouldnt be permissioned to an individuals personal drive)

    Since items like the Profile path, Logon Script and drive letter are already being defined in the Profile tab is there anyway to make sure the template doesnt overwrite those options since they have already been setup? Do I just leave those fields blank in the template?

    Last, and this part is not a big deal but if hyena could do it, it would be helpful. After The home directory is created and permissioned we have a few small folders that we have to copy into the home directory. Any way Hyena could handle it?

    If you need more details let me know, I just dont want to give out more information than what is needed about our internal setup.

    Thank you!

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    I'll open a support ticket for this case on Monday, as its very detailed and complicated. I don't know of a way to specify a non-specific admin account for a share based on its location, but at worse, we'll check to see if this can be modified through a symbol and then dynamically determined when the template is used.

    The templates are only used when creating users, although you can apply them to existing accounts, but that is not automatic. So there isn't anything that will overwrite existing information as it won't be there anyway.

    Lastly, there might be a way to copy the files by calling a batch procedure after the template is used (that is part of the template)

    I'll do some checking on the local admin part, in the meantime, you might want to review the docs on the template setup and configure one to run a batch file after everything is done.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah we have a ton of people coming and going so I am investigating anything that could make our new hire process quicker and easier.

      Just a bit of more information, when we make a new users we always do a copy from another user (when the new hire paperwork is submitted they have to put in a "model after" user of the sorts) so thats why some of those fields are already populated (and correct) So I didn't want the template to overwrite information that is already there and correct


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        The template for home directories will not overwrite existing settings, its only there as a default. If you change it while creating a user, then what is entered will be what is set in the user properties. The rest of the home dir template is used to set the security. The best way to see how everything works is to setup a template, create/copy a user and see what is created.

        But additional work will have to be done in order to have a method of setting a dynamic security setting for the admin share portion
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Support case opened in order to gather more specific information on special security options for the home directory template.
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.