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Deleting User home directory does not remove Share

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  • Deleting User home directory does not remove Share

    Usinging Hyena 64bit 8.8 on Win7. When deleting a users active directory account I get the prompt to delete the users HOME directory and Terminal Services directory. I select all options to delete folders and remove shares. The users HOME folder deletes just fine but the SHARE is not removed. Any ideas?

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    Are you seeing any errors? View the Properties for a user, then go to the Profile tab and look at the Home Directory Path. Do you use the format of \\server\users\%username%, or \\server\%username%?


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      I do not see any errors. For the user home directory path I am using \\servername\home\userloginname


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        Hyena's Home Directory path has two basic formats:


        The first creates a directory, then shares that directory with the username. The second creates a directory on the share indicated, but does not share out the user directory itself. When you use the delete option, if it is in the second format (as you indicated above), Hyena assumes there is not share and therefore doesn't delete it.

        In this format the share is the "home" share in your example, and would not be deleted when deleting user directories.