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User Commander restrictions?

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  • User Commander restrictions?

    Is there any restrictions ie create homedir when i run it in evalution, other then 10 users?
    I have the same settings as i use in Hyena7.7c when i create users, but it doesnt create user homedir.

    This is from the logfile:
    === Starting User Import Operation ===

    Unable to create security descriptor for home directory for user aabb.

    added user 'aabb'

    === Finished User Import operation; 1 users imported ===

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    Re: User Commander restrictions?

    Send screenshots of your settings and steps you are taking to [email protected] and we'll take a look.


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      Re: User Commander restrictions?

      I thought i could share the solution of this so other don't make same mistake as i did.

      As a matter of fact, it was my own fault, (suprise).

      cmccullough asked me to check the permissions i set to the homedir it should create.

      From the start i used: "DOMAIN\Administrators". Of course there isn't a global group called "Administrators", so i removed domain name and then it started to create homedir.