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deleting user directories

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  • deleting user directories

    Is there a way to delete a users folder out on a server without having to delete thir account in AD, and then having to go the server and delete their actual created folder?

    This is somewhat akin to home directories, however, when I create a user, I have a template that creates their folder , and then I go back and check the box for local profile so that they do not have a drive letter to their user folder.
    I have another program that scripts changing registry keys so that their "My Document" is actually out on their created folder on a server.

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    Re: deleting user directories

    Hyena will have no way of knowing where these folders are since you've gone back and changed the information on the user record.

    You should be able to create a post-user batch file for this, though. You'll create a batch file that will delete the directories, then point to that from Tools->Settings->User. I believe the help file has some information on this, and you can also email us if you have trouble getting it going.