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  • Home directory help

    I am struggling with creating home directories for migrated users. I have created a share on the D: drive of myserver called home. I created a template to create the home directories, but every time I try to create them I get nothing. I have read and reread the Help on home directories, but I can't make sense of it. Here is what I have:
    home directory share on server drive d:, which is Home (\\myserver\home\%username%)
    share permissions--full control
    ntfs permissions on the template--domain admins (full), backup operators (full), creator owner (change)

    What am I missing? I am heavily pitching Hyena to my department, but it is embarrasing that I can't do this simple task. Anyone, help....please.

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    Re: Home directory help

    Make sure the New Home Directory Mask in your template is set to:


    When you create a user, also make sure you don't have the box checked to use Active Directory Creation Wizard.