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Home Directories do not have appropriate permissions

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  • Home Directories do not have appropriate permissions

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble with permissions on a user’s home folder in Active Directory on Windows Server 2003.

    This is the situation:

    - Students were entered in Active Directory.
    - Their Home Folder was mapped to a particular Drive on the Server

    Everything worked great until the Student’s Home Folder was changed. We had to change the student’s folder from “grade#” to “year of graduation”

    For some reason, the newly renamed folder does not have the particular student as the Owner with Full Control. The only people that are listed are:
    - Administrator (with Full Control)
    - Everyone (with only read accesss)

    I am able to make the student the Owner and give Full Control permissions by doing the following:
    - Open Active Directory
    - Right Click on the particular “Student” Account
    - Click on the Profile Tab
    - Select Local Path (Home Folder was already highlighted)
    - Click Apply
    - Click on Home Folder
    - Entered info again in the Home Folder

    Now a warning message pops up stating that the folder already exists, and would if I would like to make this particular student have Full Control.

    I select yes, and the particular student now has Full Control over their Home Folder.

    How would I be able to replicate all of the students so that their home folders that are mapped to their profile will get the Owner and Full Control Permissions?

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    Re: Home Directories do not have appropriate permissions

    You can create a home directory template under Tools->Settings->Home Dir with the permissions you want. Then to apply that you will select your users in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose properties. Go to the Profile Tab and modify the home directory path information. When you click OK Hyena will apply the template settings.

    The problem will be Owner, as I don't believe Hyena can set this on existing home directories.