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Renaming home directories?

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  • Renaming home directories?

    Our user’s home directories are based on their user names. The user names have been changed to a new format. I want to rename their home directories to the new user name and change the path of their home directory to reflect the new user name. I have a cross reference list (old user name to new user name) I would like to incorporate to automate this. I would also need to change NTFS permissions to the new user name and have this propogate to subfolders.

    The other option would be to create new home directories for each user and then use XCOPY to move their data to new home directory. This creates a lot more load on the file server, and we use DFS file replication over a WAN which is going to create a lot of network traffic.

    As far as I can see, I don’t think there is a way to do what I said in paragraph one with Hyena, but I thought I would ask any way.

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    Re: Renaming home directories?

    Your second option would work using Hyena. You can setup a home directory template, and use that to modify your users to point to the new location, and have it create the new directories for you. You'd have to copy the data over afterwards.

    The first solution would probably require a script of some sort. If you can create a batch file or something to do the renames, you can then use Hyena to change the location for your users. When the directory already exists Hyena won't do anything to it, unless you want it to change the security to what you have in your template.