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  • Home Directory Creation

    We have a number of existing NT4 users who I want to create a home directory for - no share
    On the Home dir Template new Home Dir Mask I have added \\SERVER1\PERSONAL\%username%

    we have a share existing on server1 called PERSONAL
    on the user properties for the user home dir local path I added \\SERVER1\PERSONAL\%username% this changes to connect to z: \\SERVER1\PERSONAL\%username% but I get no dir created.

    I already have a login script which maps the drives so I do not want the Z drive mapped

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    Re: Home Directory Creation

    Are you putting this in the Local Path, or the box beside Connect To? You'll need to enter it in the Connect To box and give it the drive letter matching what you have in your template (Z.

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      Re: Home Directory Creation

      I was putting it in the local path, I dont really want a drive letter mapped as I map a drive via a login script